Our goal as a community coffee shop is to not close our doors to our patrons during business hours unless an extremely large event warrants it. Since Saturday morning/afternoon is a prime time, we can offer you space if you are interested in reserving the backyard for your party or are interested in changing to a different day for "After Hours" rates. We do have full closure rates, but they may not be conducive to a baby shower budget, which we understand. 


Our pricing includes a base rate + a guaranteed tab minimum based on the number of guests (tip not included). For that tab, we have a small but delicious menu including, loaded toast/bagels, charcuteries, crafted cocktails, coffee drinks & CBD products. We do allow you to bring in your own food, cake or light snacks, etc, but the guaranteed tab minimum is still required. No outside beverages or alcohol is allowed. 


Please take a moment to fill out the form to help us get a better idea of your event!